Is the Coda Sedan a Trojan horse sent by communist China to destroy America?

The greatest threat to America's automotive industry of all time has been hiding in plain sight. For years we've been watching Coda and its signature Sedan as it grew from an announcement by Miles Automotive in 2006 into its own stand-alone brand. The company has made breakthroughs and suffered setbacks, but now seems poised to actually launch a vehicle that, while it may not be able to compete stylistically with competitors like the Ford Focus Electric, will at least offer decent performance and more range for a similar price. What we didn't realize however, is that it also is the thin edge of communistic sword from China poised to separate America's capitalistic head from its democratic body.

At least, that's the way two columnists for the LA Times seem to feel about it, and who are we to argue with them? In an opinion piece penned by the duo of Greg Autry and Peter Navarro, it is explained to our oblivious selves that, although Coda is selling itself as an American company with an environmentally friendly product, it is, in reality, a tool of communism with a "Trojan horse electric car designed to carry the Chinese military-industrial complex deep into America's auto market." Yes, we're as shocked as you.

You need proof? They got proof. Consider that the chassis of the Sedan is an updated version of the Saibao from Hafei Motor Co. and, although it's not made in America, it will be eligible for close to $10,000 in tax rebates and incentives from Federal and California governments. Didn't know that now, did ya. Yes, the Nissan Leaf, the Mitsubishi i are made in Japan and the Tesla Roadster bodies are built in Britain and these companies profit from these same financial benefits, but we're talking China here. Be afraid, be very afraid!

On top of this, Heifei is owned by a Chinese company that is owned by a Chinese company with a sinister sounding name and which also owns a company that produces military weaponry. And those weapons have killed people, staining this green car blood-red (producing brown, we suppose). Yes, some companies in America that sell civilian products also produce military products that kill people and yes, America is the world's leading arms exporter (we're #1!) but hey, China has hegemonic intent!

Want more proof that Coda is a capitalism-killing machine intent on furthering the coming Sino-U.S. war? Consider that they've raised millions of dollars on the private market and that some of the people who work for those investing companies previously worked in government, including Henry Paulson. Yes, that Henry Paulson. The very Henry Paulson who, while he was Treasury secretary, couldn't convince China to raise the value of its currency much or stop other practices that gave Chinese companies competitive advantages. Yes, America also has policies in place that protect its currency and it also exploits trade agreements to its advantage but America is America and China is, well, China. And evil.

So, to sum up, don't be fooled by those who think otherwise. Before you plunk down your hard-earned cash for an electric car that was assembled in California with parts and technology developed in America (and China!), be aware the you are killing this land that so many have fought for and died to protect. Amen and amen. And, in case you are not yet quaking in your boots, rush out and buy the book written by these Paul Revere-like authors titled, "China is a Scary Country that wants to Suck the Blood of your Children" "Death By China: Confronting the Dragon - A Global Call to Action."

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