Saab gets lifeline payment from Youngman

Just when you thought the lights were dimming for good over at Saab, the Swedish automaker gets a(nother) lifeline. Reuters reports the company has received a last-minute payment from Chinese partner Youngman. A Swedish daily newspaper has said Youngman handed over around $5 million to cover tax expenses and that a further payment of $26.43 million is scheduled to show up on December 14 to take care of unpaid salaries. Youngman will reportedly also pay Saab a further $13.18 million by the end of the year.

It's unclear whether the cash infusion will persuade Swedish courts to continue to protect Saab from creditors seeking payment from the ailing automaker. Saab has enjoyed government protection since finances dried up earlier this year, and the courts are set to rule on whether or not that protection should continue on Friday.

An administrator within Saab has applied to have the company's creditor protection removed on the grounds that the automaker no longer has any funds. Saab has responded by requesting that said administrator be removed from the proceedings. The courts are set to hand down a ruling one way or the other on December 16.

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