Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a 1/4-scale R/C big rig sleigh

That there's a Santa Claus and an "elf" riding some sort of contraption behind a miniature big rig is intriguing enough. In reality, the downsized big rig is the story. Built by model maker Luca Bordin, the 1/4-scale Peterbilt 359 isn't a kit, it's made from scratch.

As best we can tell from Google Translate, Bordin found detailed plans of the 359, then fabricated the body out of fiberglass, including the cabin, and attached it via springs to a twin-rail frame made of iron. The differential steering mechanism was lifted from go-karts, the diesel tanks are plumbing pipe, a nightclub smoke machine blows white clouds from chrome stacks, a 12v compressor powers two truck-sounding horns, and the engine is from an electric jack "with lots of torque."

What's more: when Santa's not riding out back, Bordin fabricated a fiberglass trailer to go with the tractor. It's impressive, and we're hoping Santa drives it straight under our tree. There's video of it after the jump.

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