The Iguana 29 is a $290,000 amphibious tank

There's a vehicle for you if you have reoccurring nightmares about uncertain river crossings in the classic computer game Oregon Trail. The Iguana 29 is an amphibious vehicle designed to slowly go where no boat has gone before.

At the push of a button, the craft can lower two tank treads to pull itself across land at around five miles per hour, or about a quarter of the speed of the average automotive journalist shuffling his way to an open bar. So, it's not quick, but the machine could be incredibly useful in areas with exaggerated tides where docking your craft can be a hassle. The Iguana 29 simply allows owners to drive their boat up onto the beach, safe and sound.

With the treads stowed on open water, the Iguana 29 is good for a top speed of 35 knots, which is a far cry quicker than its land capability. How much will you have to pay for such a fine piece of engineering? Try $290,000. On second thought, we've never been much bothered by tides, exaggerated or not. Hit the jump to check out a video of the Iguana 29 in action.

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