Professional racing drivers are a different breed than the rest of us mere mortals. While fear – of dying, of killing or of simply making a fool of yourself – keeps most men and women from pressing their automobiles to the very limits of their capabilities, some people choose instead to embrace the fear, turn it into adrenaline and hit the track.

That includes Barton Mawer, who was chasing down a Lamborghini Gallardo for the overall lead in his Lotus Exige during Australia's Island Magic Enduro 2011 race at Phillip Island. Only one problem: in his path were a pair of slower cars; a Porsche Boxster and the Mazda MX-5 of Team Chapman Racing.

What happened next is the things dreams are made of... or nightmares, depending on which seat you're in.

See for yourself, from both points of view, in the videos pasted after the break.

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