A day in the life of Ken Block and his SYNC-equipped H.F.H.V.

Ken Block has extended his tireless Ford promotion to SYNC, equipping his Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle with FoMoCo's infotainment system to star – along with DC BMX rider Kelly Bolton – in his latest video.

The day-in-the-life comes in three acts, beginning with Block driving one of his Gymkhana-prepped Fiestas to LA's Cars and Coffee, followed by a brief lunch, filming of the previously released Gymkhana 4 and wrapping up with a parking lot smoke fest where Block and Bolton do what they do best. Although we're not sure what we're impressed with more: Bolton doing a backflip off a ladder after Block topples it going sideways or the fact that Ken was able to drive his hardly street-legal H.F.H.V. around LA for the day. Check it all out after the jump.

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