The carnival doesn't quite enjoy the same level of prestige it once did. The old-world entertainment now has to vie with a movie industry soaked in computer-generated special effects, on-demand satellite entertainment and a vast expanse of electronic distractions. That doesn't make some of the stunts performed at the carnival any less amazing, however, and it's especially true when it comes to the infamous Wall of Death, wherein motorcycle riders ramp up speed and take to a near vertical wall to defy gravity.

Benedict Campbell has just finished a short film on Ken Fox and his family. The Fox Troupe wanders the English countryside with a traveling carnival, where they ride the Wall of Death. Fox himself rides an Indian Scout along the walls of the 26-foot diameter wooden ring. In his 30 years of performing, Fox estimates he's had around 20 significant falls, and yet he's still incredibly grateful to be able to live and work with his family on a daily basis. Hit the jump to check out the video for yourself.

THE WALL OF DEATH from benedict campbell on Vimeo.

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