Indian talent show goes overboard with Suzuki

The show's called India's Got Talent, and we're certainly prepared to say that India's got The Warriors of Goja but we're not sure if what they have is called talent, bravery or just plain crazy. The aforementioned warriors put on a lengthy display of what, in a circus, would be called 'amazing feats of strength' that includes breaking rocks on every part of their bodies with sledgehammers and eating florescent light bulbs.

Admittedly, most of this seven-minute long video doesn't have anything to do with cars, but then they bring out a Maruti Suzuki five-door and use a comrade to show tricks that, off the set, would probably be both illegal and fatal. And in the middle of the stunt, they randomly add a motorcycle to the mix. As said by the person who uploaded the video, "I have no words for this.. just AMAZING." That's about right. You'll find it all after the jump, the Maruti action starts at 2:40.

Suzuki Information

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