Old Spice body wash may cause face-shattering awesomeness

If you're confused by what you see above, try to hold onto that feeling. It's a normal reaction to seeing a grizzly sipping on a Long Island Iced Tea with an elderly gentleman in hot tub sidecar. Now, we're typically plenty tickled with the Old Spice marketing effort, but the company's advertisements rarely stray far enough into the motorized world to warrant sharing. Consider that wrong officially righted. The latest spot for Old Spice Swagger body wash urges the viewers to "smell better than yourself" and details exactly what could happen should you decide to get sudsy.

What? Don't think that a mere body wash can transform you from a slovenly sad-faced man into a motorcycle-riding hero? Neither do we, but that doesn't make the spot any less entertaining, nor does it make us want a hot tub sidecar of our own any less. Hit the jump to check it out for yourselves.

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