Nissan says it's still committed to Cube despite slow sales

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The Nissan Cube is... different. There aren't many vehicles that pack the length of a sub-compact, the height of a crossover and the sex appeal of a postal truck. There is no question that Nissan was thinking out of the box with this boxy ride, but the model has never really caught on in the States. In 2009, Nissan sold 21,000 units, followed by 23,000 units in 2010. This year, however, sales have dipped to just 13,850 units through 10 months, a tepid 198 units having been sold in October.

But while the Cube isn't selling well, AutoWeek reports that Nissan isn't giving up on it just yet. Nissan North America sales boss Brian Carolin told the magazine at the Los Angeles Auto Show that the Cube "has found its place in the market." Carolin added that demand for the Cube was strong when gas prices spiked, and that at that point, the automaker was "struggling to get a supply of it."

Part of the Cube's sales decline could be attributed to parts shortages as a result of the Japan earthquake back in March, but that doesn't seem to explain its very weak October sales numbers. Even with obviously slow sales, Carolin sounds bullish on the Cube, but we're betting that Nissan will struggle to keep the Cube in the U.S. lineup if sales continue to dip, and we haven't heard a peep about a next-generation model.

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