Fiat Panda to get hot Abarth model?

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Back before Fiat relaunched the Abarth performance brand, enthusiasts and auto journos across the pond were enamored with a humble but reportedly fun-filled little number called the Panda 100HP. As you might have guessed, it was Fiat's basic hatchback, packing a modest 100 horsepower, but the combination was said to be one of the most enjoyable driving machines around.

The Panda 100HP was overshadowed and ultimately replaced by the arrival of the 500 Abarth, based on the same platform but with retro styling and more power on offer. But new reports indicate that Abarth may now be looking to the newly facelifted Panda (pictured above) as a third model for its range, alongside the Cinquecento and Punto but with less power and a more accessible price tag.

According to Auto Express, the Abarth Panda would pack about 110 horsepower from a tuned version of Fiat Powertrain Technology's much-lauded two-cylinder turbo engine. Coupled with 16- or 17-inch alloys, full body kit and a performance-oriented interior with sport buckets, a thick-rimmed steering wheel and short-throw shifter, the utile Panda could pack a mean little punch.

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