Calgary ready to adopt sound-activated noise camera to automatically ticket loud vehicles

Police in Calgary have partnered up with a company to install the Noise Snare, a sound-activated traffic camera designed to automatically ticket loud vehicles. According to The Calgary Herald, the device would typically cost municipalities around $112,500 Canadian, though the company behind the technology has been kind enough to supply one unit free of charge as part of a pilot program that could see the system spread across North America.

Those cited by the technology will likely be forced to pay a $200 fine, though the final amount will be decided by Calgary's city council soon. The city also plans to offer free clinics to motorists who may be concerned that their vehicles are too loud.

The Noise Snare was originally invented by Mark Nesdoly after a motorcycle woke up his daughter one evening, and the system seems to be geared toward targeting loud bikes.

We aren't of the mind that loud pipes save lives, but we do see more than a few issues with the plan if it were to be applied in the States. Most states lack concrete ordinances on vehicle noise, relying instead on improper equipment citations to discourage loud aftermarket exhausst. Then there's the question of what happens when a factory vehicle earns its owner a crisp new ticket in the mail.

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