Scion considering Daihatsu-based pickup for US?

The mini-truck is dead. Long live the mini-truck!

We aren't alone in our love for compact cargo haulers. AutoGuide recently took the time to sit down with Jack Hollis, the vice president of Scion, who apparently shares our affinity for the smallest of pickups. While Hollis didn't go so far as to say that a Scion pickup was first on his list of things to do, he did mention that he's very interested in the idea and that a lot of Scion customers are, as well.

Don't think that means we'll see Scion-badged Toyota Tacoma models roaming the wastes anytime soon, though. Hollis says that in an ideal world, Scion would partner up with Daihatsu to create an entirely new vehicle in a similar fashion as what Scion cooked up with Subaru for the FR-S. Dragging one of the Toyota subsidiary's current products through the federalization gauntlet would cost more than the effort would be worth, Hollis says.

We won't exactly hold our breath for the model to arrive anytime soon, but we're still thrilled to hear that the upper ranks of at least one automaker is giving the mini-truck segment serious consideration.

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