Automotive News reports that the 2012 Honda CR-V will, in fact, launch on schedule. Honda has reportedly told its dealers that the crossover will arrive on time despite initial concerns about the impact of Thai floods on the vehicle's production. Honda had originally cautioned that the vehicle may be delayed by several weeks due to a shortage of components produced in Thailand. That crisis has apparently been avoided.

The 2012 Civic wasn't so fortunate. Weather delays related to the tsunami and flood disasters in Japan resulted in a production shortage for the new compact that hampered the model's launch.

Even with the CR-V arriving on dealer lots as scheduled, Honda is still cutting back production to cope with component shortages. In a separate report, Automotive News says that the company is temporarily adjusting manufacturing at its six plants in the United States and Canada as a result of flooding in Thailand. Some of the facilities will operate at above the 50 percent capacity Honda originally forecasted when it became clear that the company's suppliers would be impacted by the weather. The slow-down is expected to stretch until November 25 in Canada and November 23 in the States.

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