Swedish skier specs out his Lamborghini for the slopes

We saw lots of intriguing mod jobs at SEMA this year. But among them we didn't see one Lamborghini with a ski rack. Not one! Leave it to the Swedish, then, to show us the way.

Where others might opt for an SUV or an all-wheel-drive station wagon, professional skier Jon Olsson likes driving from one ski hill to another in a Lamborghini. He had a Murciélago LP670-4 SuperVeloce fitted with a ski rack, and even forded a river in the beast for the Gumball rally. He's apparently dead-set on doing the same (the ski rack part, not necessarily the automotive bi-athalon bit) with the new Aventador, but since there's a bit of a waiting list, he's gone with a Gallardo in the meantime.

Olsson had a custom ski box made, capable of handling the wind at speeds up to 159 miles per hour, turned to DMC (the aftermarket tuner, not the DeLorean producer) for a race-style body kit and had the whole thing – car and box – wrapped in some sort of angular take on winter camouflage. Not exactly our cup of tea, but it sure beats hitting the slopes in a Subaru Outback.

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