Opel pondering Manta redux?

On the one hand, Opel continues to pump out good looking sedans, hatches and wagons with some gumption and motoring chops. Meanwhile, there have also been so many proposed new products and segment competitors for the German brand (Calibra, standalone Astra cabrio, Insignia crossover, Junior hatch, vans, etc) that sometimes we wonder which way the lightning bolt is going. The latest imagining of new Opel wares comes from chairman Karl-Friedrich Stracke, who says he could see modern takes on both the Opel Manta and Opel GT.

The Manta was a sport coupe rendition of the Opel 1900 that didn't just take on the Ford Capri, but also Group B rallying. They were praised by American scribes for their handling but they never really caught on – certainly not like the GT, which sold more than 70,000 units in North America. Nevertheless, while it's true that Opel doesn't have a true sport coupe or sports car in its range, we wonder where and how a new Manta and/or GT would fit, especially considering what could be done with the supposedly forthcoming Calibra. Unless either one of those could be the small Opel that General Motors supposedly wants to bring to the U.S....

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