Erotic auto window sticker stirs freedom of speech debate [w/poll]

Every conceivable medium, including art and pornography, has been drawn into figuring out where art ends and pornography begins. Now a lowly rear window in Montana has become the battleground for this contentious debate.

Shanna Weaver of Great Falls has a sticker on the rear window of her SUV that depicts a woman's silhouette above the word "SKIN." You can see it above in pixelized form or click here to view the graphic as it would appear on Weaver's rear window. Great Falls resident Brian Smith, meanwhile, parks across the street from Weaver's SUV and says he should not be forced to endure what he considers to be a sacrilegious display of the human body.

The logo itself appears to be from Skin Industries, an organization that dubs itself a "Sports Fashion" company. The sticker is akin to the famous mudflap girl silhouette that's often seen on big-rigs – it contains no shadowing but is more detailed than the famous mudflap girl.

Weaver and Smith have discussed it, with Weaver taking the opinion that her First Amendment rights condone the sticker, whereas Smith feels it's obscenity. Smith took his complaint to the police, but the officer sent to investigate the dispute decided the sticker wasn't obscene. So, for now at least, the sticker remains in plain sight.

Sound off in the poll below about whether or not you think the Skin Industries graphic is obscene, or let us know what you really think in the comments.

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