There's the right way to protest your vehicle being towed, and there's a wrong way. The individual in the video after the jump is a clear believer in the latter method. We aren't entirely sure where this took place or what sort of circumstances led to this particular Mazda3 to find itself doing battle with a massive claw-equipped tow truck, but we do know that the four-door is doing its best to avoid incarceration. After somehow managing to get the vehicle back on the road, the driver proceeds to attempt to free the wheels and tires from an array of cumbersome straps. Despite a few valiant attempts, the driver doesn't seem to be able to break free from the claw's grasp.

Now, we have to say that this type of tow truck appears to be designed to limit potential damage to its cargo under normal circumstances, which makes it all the more unfortunate that the Mazda owner decided to go Rambo. Odds are the tow truck itself sustained plenty of damage, and while the grainy nighttime video work makes it hard to see exactly what's going on, we have to imagine that the rear suspension on the Mazda isn't in any better off. Hit the jump to see the ill-fated automotive acrobatics for yourself.

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Mazda Mazda3

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