Video games are big business. Titles like Call of Duty can reach a billion dollars or more in sales, but racing games typically don't fare quite as well. Maybe that's why the Need For Speed team developed The Run; a cross-country thriller that combines fast cars, beautiful-yet-pixelated women (with real-life swimsuit model voices and Christina Hendricks) and abundant out-of-the-car action.

To show just how serious Electronic Arts is about Need for Speed: The Run, the franchise went to box-office ATM machine Michael Bay to cut the game trailer. Bay may not make the most critically acclaimed movies of all time, but they make serious bank, and he knows how to whip up the pre-release excitement with killer trailers.

Hit the jump to watch the action-packed trailer he cut together for The Run, then stay for a second video that gives a behind the scenes look at how Bay and his team assembled the teaser.

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