Polar network in UK is for "top up" charging, not long-distance electric drives

What's the point of the UK's new 4,000-strong (by the end of 2012) charging station network? According to Polar sales director Neil Sharpe, who posted to the UK LeafTalk forums, the devices aren't there to make long-distance EV drives possible. Instead:

The POLAR network is designed to provide available 'top-up' charging in local areas where you will park for a period of time which means privately owned car parks such as Supermarkets and Rail stations.

This response wasn't received too kindly by many LeafTalk members, who are asking for high-speed DC fast chargers for their Leafs at highway service stations. In-city low-speed chargers aren't that important, the Leaf drivers say, since overnight charging provided plenty of juice for daily use. The discussion that follows is worth reading, to see how people who actually drive electric cars and people who pay attention to investors and business and government representatives agree and disagree on what sort of infrastructure is needed. Read through it here.

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