Beijing to waive license plate lottery for electric vehicles

Here's an electric vehicle perk that might prompt some Chinese consumers to go electric: elimination of Beijing's restrictive license plate lottery.

Officials in Beijing are reportedly discussing a scheme that will allow electric vehicle owners to bypass the city's license plate lottery system. This move would allow owners of electric vehicles to immediately register their rides instead of playing the odds with Beijing's lottery scheme. Last time we checked, the odds of registering a vehicle in Beijing were 23 to 1, meaning that most applicants could not legally drive their vehicles on public roads.

By eliminating the lottery system for electric vehicles, Beijing hopes to encourage the purchase of battery-powered automobiles. And, as we see it, those officials are probably on the right track. Word is Beijing will, until further notice, allow unrestricted purchasing and registering of electric vehicles. So, for those who have missed out on the city's lottery drawings, going electric ensures them that they'll be able to register their own rides for around-town transport.

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