Toyota says U.S. plants may be hurt by Thai floods

Automotive News reports that Toyota may experience production delays tied to widespread flooding in Thailand. The Japanese automaker relies on certain Thai components, including audio systems, diodes and condensers that may see production shortages.

Such shortages have already caused three plants in Thailand to be shut down entirely and some of the automaker's facilities in Japan to scale back production. Now there's a chance that the squeeze may be placed on some North American Toyota plants. Currently, the automaker says that it's evaluating its supply chain to determine just how far-reaching the production delays will be.

The report indicates that Toyota is already considering cutting one day of Saturday work at its four North American facilities and contemplating additional overtime restrictions. As of right now, the automaker says it has enough parts in stock to continue production while its suppliers source components from Malaysia and the Philippines. All told, the flooding in Thailand has caused a restriction on around 100 individual Toyota components.

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