Thailand flooding halts Honda and Toyota auto production

Japanese automakers are having a rough year coping with Mother Nature. First it was earthquakes in Japan, and now flooding in Thailand. Since late July, typhoons in Southeast Asia have caused billions of dollars of damage, and now production at three Toyota plants and one Honda facility has been halted, according to the Associated Press.

While Toyota's plants in eastern Thailand haven't been directly affected by the weather, the inability of suppliers to deliver parts has caused the shutdowns there. Honda's plant in Ayutthaya, north of Bangkok, isn't so lucky. Offline since October 4, and flooded since October 8, Honda officials can't even assess the damage because the plant remains inaccessible.

The four factories produced over 800,000 vehicles last year. This included 630,000 Toyotas and 170,000 Hondas, representing roughly eight and five percent of each automaker's respective global volume. Among the vehicles produced in Thailand are the Toyota Corolla and Camry and the Honda Civic and Accord, but none of the Thai plants produce vehicles for the North American market.

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