Citroen says diesel HYbrid4 version will account for 20% of DS5 sales

The totally redesigned Citroen DS5 will hit dealerships in November 2011 in France and elsewhere (including China, Russia and Latin America). So, too, will the diesel HYbrid4 version of the DS5.

Though pricey (approximately £30,000 or $47,700 U.S. at today's exchange rate), Citroen says the diesel electric version of the DS5 will account for 20 percent of annual DS5 sales, which Citroen predicts to be approximately 40,000 units. For comparison, the non-hybrid DS5 is expected to retail for around £26,000 ($41,340 U.S.).

The French automaker predicts the diesel-electric DS5 will sell in volume because of some great results in the combined consumption test – 3.8 liter/100 kilometers, which is 61.9 miles per gallon U.S. – on Europe's lenient fuel economy cycle. That's impressive considering the non-hybrid diesel DS5 returns only 38.5 mpg (U.S.). With its spectacular fuel economy numbers, we'd assume that buyers who don't opt for the HYbrid4 version of the DS5 either made an ill-advised choice or couldn't swing the $6,000 premium.

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