Ducati ads defy all logic

It appears that Ducati riders in Ecuador respond to different stimuli than riders in North America. This shouldn't exactly come as a surprise – we're used to 'Ooooooh'-ing at primetime commercials from other lands that could barely get past Cinemax censors here. In the case of four Ducati ads from the Italian firm's Ecuadorian agency, though, the response might less "Ooooh" and more, "Oh."

The four single panels are apparently from April 2011, and in just two lines and a simple drawing present four hypothetical people, their intriguing powers, and their brand of bike. When it was thought that these were Ducati North America efforts, the local HQ disavowed them and said they might be spec creative. But it turns out they're real ads, and a few clicks on Uncle Google reveals that some folks like them.

Check them out in the gallery and see what you think – good for us, or best for others?

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