Team Fireball

Taking home the win at Honda Eco Mileage Challenge 2011 means you'll have to field a vehicle that sips down fuel at such a slow rate that it's barely even measurable. We're talking a supremely efficient vehicle that could drive a distance equal to the circumference of the globe (approximately 24,901.55 miles) on only 2.9 gallons of fuel. That's efficiency. And a reality.

Team Fireball took home the crown at the Honda Eco Mileage Challenge 2011 by achieving a record-setting 3644.869 kilometers per liter of fuel. That's a stunning 8,571 miles per gallon. While Team Fireball's ride lacks amenities, it most certainly belongs to a class of vehicles the EPA wouldn't know what to do with on its fuel economy test cycles.

This year marks the 31st annual running of the Honda Eco Mileage Challenge and the field of 412 entrants had to extract efficiency from Honda's 50-cc gasoline engine, which commonly powers the automaker's lineup of urban scooters. In these highly-controlled tests, entrants must lap the track three times at speeds of 25-plus km/h (15.5 mph). The amount of fuel consumed during those three laps is then measured and overall fuel economy is calculated. Back in 1981, at the inaugural Eco Mileage Challenge, the winning team achieved 292.5 km/l. An efficiency record was set ten years ago at 3432.325 km/l, but that was shattered by Team Fireball.

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