Mercedes takes us behind the scenes of a concept car

It's not easy designing and building a car from the ground up, and that's especially true when the resulting machine is meant to usher in a new styling direction for an established automotive marque or to put on display the latest bits of technological wizardry and high-fashion materials. Such is the case with the Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class.

The German automaker is quite proud of its conceptual entry-level luxury hatch, and it's taken the time to lovingly craft a video outlining exactly what goes into creating a concept car like the Concapt A from the drawing phase to the official unveil and everything in between.

To quote the video: "It should be something where you would think, 'Maybe this is a car my daddy wouldn't buy... This is a car that I would buy.'" Interested? Check out the complete video after the break.

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