Lego VW Van time-lapse build is the best advertisement

If there's an age limit on playing with Legos, we don't want to know about it. The plastic blocks are the perfect time waster, and while we're sad to say that we've let our maniac skills waste away over the past two decades or so, we're still glad to know that there are people out there keeping the magic alive. People like Marshal Matlock. Matlock recently decided to whip up the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van set in his spare time and was kind enough to shoot a time-lapse video of the endeavor.

The feat required over 1,800 photographs all compressed into 24 frames per second, and the result is a video that soaks up a little over a minute and a half of your day. Watching the van assemble itself and ride off frame is well worth your time, though be warned: you'll probably want to pick the kit up for yourself after you're done watching the clip. Hit the jump to check it out.

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