A new report says the next generation Honda Civic Type R should arrive in 2013 – sporting a turbocharged engine for the first time.
According to Auto Express, this hottest Honda hatch will brandish a Mugen-developed, 210-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbo four. When we last reported on Mugen, their engineers were boring and stroking the 2010 Civic Type R to develop 256 naturally aspirated horsepower.

Temple of VTEC purists can thank strict European emissions regulations for the move to forced induction, and Auto Express says that the Type R will receive a start-stop system to further conserve fuel. Honda fan boys will still have plenty to get excited about: A six-speed manual tranny with a short-throw shifter, track-ready suspension, and a whole complement of aero aids. The UK-based magazine predicts 0-60 times in the low six-second range and a top speed near 150 mph.

The Type R's projected £23,000 price tag (minus the 20% national tax the Brits factor into their new car prices) would make it about a $28,000 car at today's exchange rates. But alas, since it's based on the European five-door Civic, there's virtually no chance we'll be seeing this Type R Civic on our side of the pond. For the moment, you'll have to content yourself with checking out the artist's renderings over on Auto Express.

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