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2012 Porsche Boxster snapped totally undisguised

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Our crafty spy photographer have managed to set lenses upon a completely undisguised 2012 Porsche Boxster S out and about in the light of day. With all of the vehicle's camouflage removed, we can clearly see the body lines of the new convertible. Though the familiar Porsche face hasn't gone anywhere, the side of the vehicle now wears a dramatic side strake and sizable air inlet positioned just forward of a set of equally bold wheel arches. Those openings are filled with massive, multi-spoke rollers. Toward the rear of the vehicle, we can clearly see a new integrated lip spoiler that spans across the entirety of the car's rump, bisecting the taillamps.

That's exciting and all, but our spies also indicate that this model may boast a next-generation 2.5-liter flat four-cylinder. If those whispers are to be believed, the 2012 Boxster could pack as much as 360 horsepower courtesy of a little forced induction. Word is the vehicle will receive a proper introduction on the show circuit in the next few months.

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