Volvo to end C70 production in Uddevalla, will it surface elsewhere?

Volvo has announced that it will cease production at the company's joint-venture plant with Pininfarina Sverige in Uddevalla, Sweden, according to Ward's Auto. That means manufacturing of the C70 convertible is without a home.

As of right now, Volvo isn't saying where, if anywhere, production of the C70 will head next. In the meantime, the 600 workers currently employed at the Uddevalla plant are being offered positions elsewhere in the company. If the C70 doesn't find a new production home, it will join models like the S40 and V50 as another discontinued Volvo for 2012.

So why shut down the plant? According to Volvo, it all boils down to economics. The automaker says that under its current configuration, the facility is only operating at 65 percent capacity, and at its current volume levels, it simply doesn't make financial sense to keep the lights on at a plant that only produces one vehicle.

Volvo and Pininfarina have jointly produced vehicles at the Uddevalla plant since 2005, but agreed to bring the relationship to a close in March of this year. At the termination of the joint venture, Volvo gained sole possession of the plant.

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