iPhone 4s loves the Nissan Leaf

Remember how Nissan was the first big car company to use Apple's iAds in iOS? Looks like the love goes both ways.

In the brand new commercial/information video for the just-announced iPhone 4s, Apple shows off the all-electric Nissan Leaf oh-so-briefly. The car isn't doing anything in particular in the ad (except maybe providing an extra-quiet cabin to command Siri, Apple's new voice recognition assistant), but it's not often that a plug-in car gets this sort of treatment in a big-time tech ad. And you can bet a lot of people will see to video and go, "Wait, what kind of car is that?"

The video spot is not embeddable, so you'll have to go here to see it. As we were watching, we half expected a polar bear to show up and give the driver a hug. You?

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