Nissan Leaf iAd on 4th generation iPhone – Click above for high-res image gallery

With great fanfare, Apple announced iAd back in June and revealed at the time that the Nissan Leaf would be one of the first items promoted through the iDevice-specific advertising service. This week, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that, overall, advertisers are having a tough time rolling out ads through the mobile iAd network, but Nissan is apparently quite pleased. How good are iAds for the Leaf? A Nissan spokeswoman told the WSJ that iAd "has driven exceptional results to date" and that the tap-through rate on an iAd is five times higher than the click-through rate of Nissan's standard online Leaf campaign.

This is good news for Nissan, because it apparently takes a lot longer to put together an iAd than it does a normal online campaign. They're also pricey. WSJ says the cost to work with Apple to put one together starts at a million dollars. Hey, Leaf fans, you're worth it.

[Source: Wall Street Journal via our in-family Apple blog TUAW]

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