Google's Eric Schmidt: Our autonomous cars drive better than you... when you're drunk

Google co-founder Larry Page sat down with the Internet giant's former CEO, Eric Schmidt, for a Q&A session during this week's Zeitgeist 2011 event, and when the topic of increasing processor speed came from an audience member, Schmidt went into the infinite possibilities afforded "when you have all the computing power and all the telemetry and everything going on in the world in real time." Not surprisingly, Page made the leap right to autonomous cars.

"The automated car stuff is a good example of this possibility," Page told the assembled masses. "It seemed pretty practical. You think that driving a car is hard, but it's actually not that hard... for a computer. If the computer has good data about what's around it."

And then Chairman Schmidt jumps in with this gem: "Our computers drive our cars better than you do when you're drunk. That's our starting point."

That's not a very high bar Mr. Schmidt, but we digress...

Check out the conversation starting at around the 29 minute mark in the video after the jump.

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