Cadillac beams over Escalade beating Mercedes-Benz C300 in drag race

Cadillac really is ready to challenge all comers in the luxury automobile segment, then Mercedes-Benz is a great target to shoot for. As such, perhaps it's not surprising that Caddy put together a video showing how it can easily dispatch one of the German automaker's products. The battleground is a straight stretch of asphalt with a starting line, finish line and hit-the-gas-now light tree. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a little bit of America versus Germany automotive action, no? Problem is, from our vantage point, Cadillac isn't exactly fighting fair.

General Motors' luxury arm picked out a Mercedes-Benz C300 as its desired target. There's really nothing in Cadillac's stable right now that lines up directly with the C300 (the CTS is too large and the ATS isn't here yet), so the American automaker decided to trot out... an Escalade.

Now, we're all for vehicles of different shapes and sizes lining up in one-on-one motorsports combat, but there's nothing fair about this fight. The C300 is an entry-level luxury sedan powered by a modest 228-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 engine (it's not even the most powerful 'regular' C-Class – that distinction belongs to the 302-hp C350). In the other line sits a gurgling, much more expensive luxury SUV with its 6.2-liter 403-horsepower V8 power plant loping eagerly under the hood.

Why not put an Escalade Hybrid up against an SLS AMG? If the 'Slade managed to beat that, then we'd really have something to talk about, eh?

Click past the jump to watch Cadillac show up a Mercedes-Benz that didn't deserve it.

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