Renault heading back to the drawing board for new Laguna

It's been only four years since Renault launched its third-generation Laguna, and one year since the model underwent a facelift. But according to the latest reports the French automaker is getting ready to pull the plug and go back to the drawing board for an all-new replacement. And if our information proves accurate, that could lead to a new sports coupe as well.

The reason for the shift in strategy is that the Laguna just isn't standing up to the competition – namely the Ford Mondeo. So in order to mount a more substantial challenge, Renault is reportedly collaborating with its partner Nissan on a replacement.

It may be another few years before the Laguna IV (or whatever they choose to call it) is unveiled, but the new platform is reportedly also set to spawn a sportier coupe as well. Quite different in approach from the current Laguna Coupé (pictured above), the new sports model is said to be under development with direct input from Renaultsport – the performance division that's responsible for the company's lauded hot hatches. That bodes well for the coupe's sporting prospects, but whether it warrants the long-rumored revival of the Alpine brand remains to be seen.

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