We're used to hearing the word "Pirelli" outside the world of tires, but those mentions usually refer to 12 pages of nubile beauties wearing nail polish and a little bit of pasta. The Italian tire company plans to blow all that up with the opening of its Pirelli corso Venezia lifestyle boutique in Milan.

The inaugural, 16,146-square-foot flagship houses fashion wares, historical exhibits and a collection called "P lunga," which is "a continuously developing integration of tire engineering and the world of sport." That go-fast transports like skateboards, skis, bikes that have been tweaked by the minds that brought us P Zero. It also has a Miura and a "robot stockroom keeper" called Robostock, and at least one of those is always a good thing.

If you happen to be in Milan and want some made-to-order, leather-soled, reversible sneakers, now you know where to go. https://www.autoblog.com/photos/pirelli-corso-venezia/

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