How California's laws are holding up the Ford Mustang Boss 302's TracKey [w/video]

Ford promised its Mustang Boss 302 customers that their car was perfect for both the street and the track, and that the dual nature of the sports coupe could be personified with the TracKey. Pop that lovely little device into your ignition and your Boss 302 takes on a different attitude. Hundreds of parameters are changed to work in concert as the car takes on a more track-focused mindset. The TracKey has Boss 302 owners salivating at the prospect of owning sporty daily driver and track star, which occupies a singular spot in their garage.

There's a bit of a problem, however, and it seem that Mustang owners have California to blame.

Ford is butting heads with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and the stalemate has left Boss 302 owners without their TracKeys. The folks at CARB know that the TracKey alters the emissions leaving the tailpipes of the Boss 302, and they have a problem with that. Until these issues are sorted out, Ford won't be able to deliver any TracKeys to Boss 302 owners.

As you can imagine, that has the car owners a bit peeved. One owner in particular has decided to vent his frustrations in a manner befitting our Internet-adled brains. Turning to the surprisingly popular Hitler video meme, he has applied his thoughts to the video antics of Adolf.

Click past the jump to watch the clip (note: NSFW language). Also, be sure to click through our gallery of the Ford Mustang Boss 302, while you pretend what it would be like if CARB turned a blind eye to the TracKey issues.

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