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2013 Audi A6-based Allroad spotted... will we get this one?

The return of the Audi Allroad is nigh... possibly! Rumors have been swirling like camouflage that Audi is working on a new A4 Allroad. Our spy photographers spotted a camo-covered Allroad undergoing hot weather testing in Southern Europe, but the up-rated wagon underneath these swirls is an A6 Avant.

Is Audi getting ready to bring out a variety of Allroads? It's possible, and we'd happily welcome both an A4 and A6 Allroad with open arms. Of course, we know how this story plays out here in the States. While we may see one of the two Allroad variants, it's unlikely that both will wind up in U.S. dealer showrooms. Time will tell.

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