Toyota coupe range expanding with Supra successor, CT200h coupe, LFA Tokyo edition

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Toyota was once an automaker known for its two-door sportscars and coupes. There was the Celica. There was the Supra. There was the Lexus SC. But while those have all long since departed, the Japanese auto giant is clawing its way back to the territory it once owned.

The Lexus LFA is one heck of a first salvo, and the FT-86 is around the corner. There's a world of space between those models, though, and according to the latest reports, Toyota is planning to fill that space, too.

Rumor has it that, while not officially sanctioned, a team of engineers is working on a rear-drive successor to the Supra, though where the project stands and what future it may have remain big question marks. A second front-drive luxury hybrid coupe is also tipped to be in the works from Lexus, adopting much of its underpinnings from the CT200h.

Before those arrive, though, we look upwards to the LFA. The convertible version has reportedly been postponed if not axed entirely, but word has it that a special edition is to be presented at and named for the Tokyo Motor Show. The model would reportedly be distinguished by bare carbon-fiber panels for the roof and spoiler and a significant price premium over the stock model.

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