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Mystery super Lexus LS spotting lapping Nürburgring

We spy, with the lens of our spy guy, a rather unique Lexus LS that's taken to the track. Spotted lapping Germany's Nürburgring, this particular LS is wearing puffed-out fenders, a strongly styled decklid spoiler, what appears to be a faux nose hiding new bodywork, deep side skirts and a pair of vents on the hood. Something sporty is afoot, and we're itching to know more.

Toyota is clearly testing a super sporty version of its flagship luxury sedan. What's not clear, however, is what exactly is going on underneath the bodywork. We do know that this is work of the automaker, and not an aftermarket tuner testing some new performance parts out. The license tags on the car are from Cologne, and the car was spotted at the automaker's garage nearby.

Could we be staring at a Lexus LS F in disguise? The automaker has hinted in the past at such a car coming to market over the years, and this luxury sedan is certainly wearing some athletic upgrades. Funny, we thought for sure that a variant of the new GS was going to be next in line to get the F Sport treatment. Could this just be a one-off piece for the Tokyo Motor Show or Tokyo Auto Salon, or is it indicative of something more?

Final amusing note: The wheelman at the helm of this mystery "LS F' must be new to the 'Ring – that giant "L" on the rear window indicates he's a Learner.

Lexus LS 460 Information

Lexus LS 460

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