BMW X6 Active Hybrid cancelled with a quickness

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According to BimmerFile, if you're on of the tens of people looking for the Ultimately Confused Driving Machine, you should act fast to pick one up at your local dealership. The 480-horsepower, 575 pound-feet-of-torque-producing mutant X6 Active Hybrid has reached the end of its confused life. The hybrid wagon is certainly powerful, but it's also heavy. In fact, it weighs 400 pounds more than the non-hybrid X6.

Anyone who opted for the BMW X6 Active Hybrid couldn't claim they wanted a more efficient ride. The hybrid version is barely more efficient around town when compared to both the non-hybrid six-cylinder and V8 versions. So could the Active Hybrid owner claim they wanted the extra performance? Nope. The X6 Active Hybrid starts at $89,775, which puts it a hair ahead of the 555-horsepower X6M.

There will be no weeping over the loss of this awkward attempt at sporty efficiency.

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