How to fish a Ferrari Enzo out of the ocean

We reported earlier today that a rare Ferrari Enzo went off course yesterday while running the 2011 Targa Newfoundland and wound up swimming with the fishes in the Atlantic. We even had a video showing what happened leading up to the Ferrari's off-road and then underwater excursion. We didn't, however, have many pictures, but Autoblog reader Renee had a father on the scene who took these pictures for us of what happened immediately after.

When a car takes a dive like that, you've got to fish it out. That's exactly what was done with the Enzo, first using a Jeep Grand Cherokee to pull it onto shore and then switching to a big crane to lift it up and onto a flat bed truck. Surprisingly, perhaps shockingly so, there's no real visible damage to the Enzo. Maybe it's the bright black-and-yellow paint scheme throwing off our eyes, but we don't see any damaged bodywork in these images. That said, we're sure the Enzo is hurting on the inside, both its mechanicals that generally don't like being dipped in salt water and the interior that prefers Armor All to the Atlantic Ocean.

Check out the pics for yourself to see the sad state of affairs, and we've reposted the video for you after the jump.

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