Dueling Lambos: Aventador and Murc meet for amazing photoshoot

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A Lamborghini Murcielago SV and Aventador have come together for one expensive and powerful photo shot. More like an aging master has come face to face with the newest stud from the family farm. The man behind the lens is Jordan Shiraki from Lamborghini Las Vegas, and his work has been featured on Autoblog in the past. Previously, we saw Shiraki capture the first Aventador to arrive on U.S. soil, and now he has once again teamed up with Sin City's most bullish dealership for a new set of impressive images.

The two roaring bulls are shown in rare quiet moments, and the family resemblance isn't hard to find. The wedge shape of each Italian exotic is pronounced, and each has its own aspects of over-the-top styling from the land shaped like a boot. For instance, gaping side vents pop out ahead of the massive rear fenders on the Aventador, while a deep side sill and park bench-sized rear wing are proof of the high-performance possibilities afforded with the Murcielago.

Each is striking in its own way, and the Lamborghini flagship torch has officially been passed to a worthy successor. Check out the photo shoot in the gallery.

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