BAC Mono single-seat road car is "fan-bleeding-tastic"

Autocar's ex-racer scribe Steve Sutcliffe sat himself in the middle of the BAC Mono – which is the only place to sit, actually – and came away with a helmet full of glee. The £79,950 single-seater apparently drives just like an F3 car, an effect created in part by its 1,190-pound weight, 280-horsepower, four-cylinder Cosworth engine and its F3 suspension. Sutcliffe said it handles better than a Lotus Elise, which one might expect of a race car for the road, but that it also drives better, too.

Briggs Automotive Company is making 35 Monos this year, but they're all spoken for. Next year's run of 50 is also sold out. So while you wait for 2013 and a bunch of money to afford it, there's the video after the jump to keep you entertained. Another video you'll find there: Bjork's "All is Full of Love," which was said to have influenced the BAC Mono's design. That's what we call cool.

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