Toyota asks owners to measure 'The Camry Effect'

According to Toyota, over the last 30 years the company has sold a staggering 9 million Camry models in the United States. In other words, practically everyone has had some experience with Toyota's ever-popular mid-sizer. Toyota wants to explore how those figures have impacted the world around us with a new advertising campaign. "The Camry Effect" aims to figure out exactly how many visitors to the company's web site have interacted with the sedan over the years.

Toyota is collecting stories about Camry owners and their adventures behind the wheel of the four-door. If you drove your parent's Camry to college, took one across country or otherwise enjoyed some time behind the wheel during a pivotal moment in your life, Toyota wants to hear from you. Head over to The Camry Effect site to share your story and answer a few questions about your experience with the Camry nameplate. Hit the jump to take a look at the campaign's introductory video.

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