Honda reveals Europe's slightly revised 2012 Insight

For the new, slightly revised, European version of the 2012 Insight, Honda is focusing on making the hybrid slightly more fuel-efficient, perhaps with an eye to be more competitive with the Toyota Prius.

Honda says the 2012 Insight spits out only 96 grams per kilometer of CO2, a five-gram drop compared to the outgoing 2011 version. At roughly 56.8 miles per gallon (U.S.) on the European Cycle, the 2012 Insight beats the fuel economy of Honda's 2011 hybrid hatch by around 2.8 mpg. If Honda applies the same tweaks to the U.S.-bound 2012 Insight, we'd expect to see its fuel economy ratings come in at approximately 43 mpg city, 46 mpg highway – roughly a three mpg increase over the 2011 Insight sold in the States. But a difference in testing cycles might minimize that number.

Honda says the Insight's boost in fuel economy and related emissions reductions come via enhanced aerodynamics, reductions in internal engine friction and a slightly modified A/C unit. The Insight's exterior modifications include a revised front grille, slimmed-down rear spoiler and a modified tailgate. Honda says the 2012 Insight features improved ride quality and that its interior has some "enhanced" materials. We doubt that means anything as enhanced as the e-textile in the Smart Forvision, but we'll still hunt down more details when the new Insight debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show in mid-September.
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96 g/km* for the 2012 Honda Insight

The launch of the 2012 Honda Insight at Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) 2011 in September reaffirms Honda's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions.

The 2012 Insight is now even more environmentally friendly producing just 96 g/km* of CO2. Fuel economy and emissions have been improved by means of enhanced aerodynamics and powertrain efficiency. Reduced engine friction , Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) and better air conditioning, benefiting from a new cold storage system, all contribute to lower fuel consumption.

The Insight also receives a fresh exterior design including a new front grille. The slimmed tail spolier allows for a wider rear glass area, and combining this with a modified tail gate garnish and a reduction in the size of the wiper motor unit results in overall increased rear visibility.

Adjustments have been made to the engine and suspension for an overall improvement to ride comfort and stability. The features within the interior have also been enhanced for a superior quality.

More details will be announced at launch.

*Homologated figure.

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