Kia's rear-drive Frankfurt showcar to be called Veredus?

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Car and Driver is reporting that the new rear-wheel-drive sports sedan concept from Kia may be called the Veredus. The vehicle is set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, though the company has been mum on the project's name so far. Kia filed for a patent on the Veredus name not too long ago, and, as Car and Driver points out, the concept is the only vehicle in the company's short-term product plan without a name. Sounds like a pretty strong case to us. While the report reminds us that there are plenty of other future nameless Kia models, everything else in the near term has a moniker.

One of those future models just so happens to be a rear-wheel drive sedan (heretofore known as the K9) based on the Hyundai Genesis platform, and there's also word that the Hyundai Cadenza may show up soon as the Kia Cadenza. Either of those vehicles could snap up the Veredus name instead of the concept, however.

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