Triac gets sued for breach of contract after failing to deliver three-wheeled EV

The Triac tale has not been an easy one. Originally intended to be a straightforward, three-wheeled commuter vehicle built in California and sold for around $25,000 by Green Vehicles, the company only managed to sell a small number of units before shutting down earlier this year. For some, this could just be considered another sad tale of the heavy casualties as we move to electric vehicles. To the city of Salinas, CA – which invested more than $500,000 into Green Vehicles – this is reportedly cause for legal action.

According to local news station KSBW, Salinas city attorneys filed a lawsuit last week against Green Vehicles for breach of contract by, "covering up shaky finances, failing to create new jobs and using the money for personal gains." The lawsuit alleges that the, "defendants knew at the time of entering into the contracts that they did not intend to use the monies as required in the term of the agreements." Green Vehicles co-founder and president, Mike Ryan declined to comment on the lawsuit. We assume our readers will be less circumspect.

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