Hey look, a Wheego LiFe out in the wild

The Wheego LiFe has arrived at MC Electric Vehicles, a dealership in Seattle. The LiFe, an ultra-compact electric two-door that zips along at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour, could be considered a competitor to the Nissan Leaf, but we'd reckon it's not.

Yes, the LiFe has a Leaf-like range of 100 miles, a Leaf-ish price of $32,995 and, like all other electric vehicles, operates in near-silence. But its cargo-hauling ability, for obvious reasons, can't quite match the Leaf. Nor can the LiFe transport five in relative comfort. But, for some buyers, we'd reckon the LiFe's diminutive size makes it all-the-more appealing. And in Seattle, a city known for its mild, temperate marine climate, the LiFe's optional $1,995 air conditioning probably wouldn't even be required.

Speaking of Seattle, the local paper recently had a chance to test drive a LiFe and found it "an ideal car for trips around town." The car was peppy and easy to park. You can read the full review here.

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